Fire drill collision sports meet, experiencing different



Fire drill meets sports meet

What kind of sparks will collide?

One word



On the morning of April 26th

2023 Ausheng Technology Fire Fighting Practice and Fire Games
Hot event held in the factory area
In order to further strengthen and standardize the safety production management of Ausheng Technology, enhance the emergency rescue and handling capabilities for sudden accidents, and effectively implement the safety concept of "life first and safety first", our company has held emergency evacuation and escape, fire extinguishing exercises, and fire sports events in the hot area of the factory. All employees participate in this drill. The Pingwang Fire Brigade is specially invited to participate in this fire drill, with Ms. Jianmin, Vice President of Aosheng Technology, serving as the overall commander, and Li Meihua, Manager of the Environmental Safety Department, presiding over the drill.


After 5 minutes, each department will count the number of personnel, and all personnel will arrive and report to the commander in chief. The commander in chief gave a mobilization speech and issued an order to officially start the "fire".


Fire prevention knowledge promotion

The Pingwang Fire Brigade provides fire equipment training and fire knowledge promotion, and employees from Aosheng participate in on-site fire drills. The correct use of fire extinguishers is taught by "Blue Friend".


The fire sports meet is divided into three events

All teams unite and cooperate, and strive to be the first

Fully apply the usual "speed and passion" to the competition

Perfect presentation

A good spirit of daring to fight and brave the wind and waves

Reached the goal of promoting learning through competitions, training through competitions, and promotion through competitions

At the competition site, the entire journey is high-energy!

Fire hose splicing competition
Fire hose splicing competition

50 meter round-trip wounded rescue run




Meeting on a narrow path, the brave win

After intense competition

In the end, each team achieved excellent results

The 2023 Ausheng Technology Fire Fighting Practice and Fire Games have come to a successful conclusion

Let's reveal the results of the competition now

Group First Prize


Group Second Prize


Group Third Prize



After the competition, the commander in chief affirmed the activity, effectively improving the safety awareness of all personnel and enhancing their ability to respond to fire emergencies through drills and sports meetings, laying a solid foundation for comprehensive safety production.


Grasp fire safety and ensure high-quality development


Ausheng Technology will continue to

With a high degree of political consciousness, ideological consciousness, and action consciousness

Effectively maintaining the stable security situation of enterprises

To promote high-quality development of the cohesive economy

Strengthen and ensure safety

Wait a minute, and there are also happy moments that fill the screen~




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