Good news: Zhenjiang Aosheng Automotive Lightweight Company won the "Excellent Partner" of Zeekr award in 2023



On January 17, Zhenjiang AoSheng Lightweight Automobiles Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as AoSheng Automobiles), a subsidiary of AoSheng Hi-Tech, won the honor of "Excellent Partner" of Zeekr Automobiles 2023 for its excellent performance, and the Zeekr team came to the scene to award. This award is Zeekr Automobiles's recognition to the research and development, product quality, service support and other aspects of AoSheng Automobiles Technology.


In this cooperation, Aosheng Automotive has undertaken three projects of Zeekr 001 FR car roof assembly, sopiler and seat backplane. Tight time, heavy tasks, high standards and difficulty are the problems that the Ausen Automotive team has to face. In the end, with excellent technical skills and tacit team cooperation, Aosheng Automobiles team successfully completed various delivery tasks within the deadline, and won unanimous praise from customers.

In November 2023, a number of Zeekr models with carbon fiber aerodynamic packages debuted at the Guangzhou Auto Show, among which the carbon fiber roof of Zeekr 001 FR created the world's largest carbon fiber roof record. Zeekr 001 FR carbon fiber roof is 1.46 meters long, 1.16 meters wide, weight only 6.5kg, whose effective weight reduction has reached 65%. The world's largest carbon fiber roof was highly recognized by the market as soon as it was launched, which also marked that Aosheng Automotive and Zeekr will promote deeper cooperation to achieve mutual benefit and win-win.


The car roof plays an important role in the vehicle, it is not only a "decorative part", but also a "functional part", once the damage will affect the structure and safety of the vehicle. The team carefully considers and repeatedly verifies every detail, treats every product with the highest standards and the most stringent requirements, and creates the ultimate travel experience and maximum security for users.

Aosheng Automobiles will take this "excellent partner" as an opportunity, based on "hard technology", enhance "hard strength", keenly capture customer needs, agile response to customer expectations, so that technology development can reach higher speed. We will keep providing high-quality products to pay back customers' recognition and trust. We will continue to work with customer brands to contribute to the prosperity and development of China's automobiles industry.


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