Carbon Fiber Composite Panels (Laptop Parts)


Carbon Fiber Composite Panels (Laptop Parts)

    Product category: CFRP Application

    Manufacturing process:Pultrusion-Cutting-Weaving-Prepreg-Cutting-Compression Molding-CNC


    1. The high strength and high modulus of the material provide high-quality performance for the product

    2. The light weight and excellent heat dissipation performance of the material provide better product experience for end customers

    3. The low warpage and corrosion resistance of the material provide better industrial production guarantee for the product

    4. Original imported carbon fiber, huge raw material cost advantage due to the high proportion of procurement

    5. Pultrusion to CNC, full process independent research and development and production is the most powerful guarantee for customers to achieve product diversification and personalization

    6. Product production process can be traced, can be queried. Each carbon fiber coil code can be traced by its code, to ensure the highest quality requirements and after-sales service


    The excellent properties of carbon fiber and the designability of carbon fiber composite materials have been applied to structural materials in television sets.AoSheng Hi-Tech cooperated with a well-known domestic TV manufacturer to study the forming process, surface treatment process and rigidity index of carbon fiber back panel.The TV scheme adopts 3K appearance texture and unidirectional prepreg material in the inner layer for laminated design, the weight reduction reaches more than 50%, and the stress deformation test meets the requirements.And no matter the thickness of the carbon fiber backplane, compared with conventional materials, its resilience is strong after removing the external force,and it will be hardly deformed by the impact of external force, which has a good application prospect in the pursuit of thin and high-end products.


    Tablet computers such as the ipads and minipads have been well received by users. This series of products is positioned to meet people's entertainment functions, thus sound is very important for people's auditory feelings. In its ipads design, Apple uses a resonator made of carbon fiber composite material, which gives it very good acoustics.


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