Pultruded Carbon Fiber Profiles for Wind Turbines

Pultruded Carbon Fiber Profiles for Wind Turbines

    Product Category:Wind Energy

    Product Specifications:Caron Fiber P1ate:100mm,105mm,120mm,150mm,200mm (in width)

    Manufacturing process:Rapid pultrusion

    Features:exce11ent mechanica1 properties and process properties, high production efficiency, high stability and reliability,perfect for Wind Turbines b1ades

    The advantages of carbon fiber girder

    1.Low density(1.7-2.0g/cm3),significant weight reduction;

    2.High tensile strength (3-7GPa),High Specific strength;

    3.High tensile modulus(200-650GPa),High specific modu1us;

    4.Fatigue resistance,high fatigue strength; Creep resistance,1ong service life;

    5.Exce11ent vibration attenuation and damping performance;

    6.Sma11 coefficient of thermal expansion (0-1.1X10-6/K);

    7.Corrosion resistance,strong adaptability to the environment;

    8. Conductive (17-5μΩ.m),is a good conductor of non-meta11ic materials.

    The advantages of AoSheng Carbon Fiber P1ate:

    Aosheng Pu1truded Profiles is used in Wind Turbine b1ade girder,simpler process, lower cost.

    Aosheng has conducted research on key core technologies such as Spreading of Large Tow Carbon Fiber, resin matrix, fiber surface treatment technology, stable pultruded sheet molding process and equipment, online testing and feedback, auxiliary tooling and fixture for production and testing, and perfect quality control system, and has formed corresponding intellectual properties.

    Aosheng has solved the problem of surface treatment when carbon fiber pultrusion sheet is bonded in the field, simplifying the process operation of the user.

    Independently developed automated carbon fiber pultrusion equipment, improved production efficiency, product percent of pass up while cost down.


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